Lilah and the Locket

The first morning of Kristie??s vacation she jogs along the beach with her German shepherd, Lilah. At the base of the Cape Hatteras lighthouse, Lilah finds a human bone below the sand dune. Kristie??s plans for a quiet week are forgotten as she joins in the investigation. Ocean breezes blow across the Outer Banks of North Carolina and Kristie uncovers a personal connection to the murder victim and her locket. She meets a handsome government worker named Nathan who is working to complete the National Seashore project in 1953. Do his co-workers know something about the crime? Will Kristie and the Deputy find the guilty party? Join Kristie on the rugged shores of Hatteras in the search for a murderer.
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It is Time to Order a Perfect Beach Read

A good old fashioned mystery novel. Set in Cape Hatteras which is in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Kristie takes a jog along the beach with her dog Lilah. Lilah finds a human bone just below the sand dune and thus the mystery begins.

Widow's Walk - Misty Cove Chronicles Book 1

First in a series. Days before her wedding, in October 1841, Lizbeth climbs to the widows walk atop her home, with her fiancé. They search the dark and stormy horizon for her father's fishing boat and Lizbeth notices the darkened lighthouse on the point. In such a violent storm, her father and the other men from Misty Cove need the lighthouse to guide their boats safely into harbor. In the morning and the lighthouse lamps shine out, but it's too late. Death had come in the stormy night and the community is devastated by loss. Is love enough for Lizbeth to overcome the needless death of her father?